Howard Park Community School is the most wonderful school situated in the heart of West Yorkshire.  Nestled in a valley between Huddersfield, Bradford and Leeds, we are proud to be the town centre school of Cleckheaton.  Once a key location in the textiles industry, a hot bed of the Industrial Revolution and the home to the world famous Lion’s sweet factory.  In 1903 our favourite sweet factory started making its wonderful ‘Midget Gems’, the year after ‘Phelon and Moore’ began making motorcycles in the town – to this day visitors come to pay pilgrimage to our ancestry.

Our mission is to embrace creativity in the school and its community in changing writing into a creative art form – providing a toolkit of skills and knowledge to our youngsters and their families.  It is our firm belief that writing is a creative and beautiful process – a process which demands a great many skills.  We also believe that handwriting should be unquestionably good, one of our long term goals is to bring back the fountain pen – indeed some of our pupils are delighting themselves, their families and us with their skills with such a tool.

This website is the epicentre of this project, here you will find weekly projects to get involved with.  Use our ‘Hints and Tips’ and ‘Writing Structures’ to assist you in your journey and enjoy our gallery of work in our ‘Your Finished Work’ section.

This initiative came about following our most recent OFSTED inspection in July 2015.  Writing, as we were aware was suffering and now together we’re here to make a change.  Our action plans for writing, alongside other areas can be viewed on our school’s website www.howardpark.co.uk and by following the link on the menu above.  Please join us for this exciting journey.

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